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Welcome to Year 2 with

Mrs Arrowsmith and Miss Langer



Mrs Arrowsmith will set maths homework to be completed online using MyMaths. Each pupil has any individual log in and they will find the weekly homework task set on a Wednesday.  There are lots of exciting games and activities to explore too.

My maths homework has been set. Please see me if you need your username and password.

Spellings and Phonics

Spelling homework is given out every Monday by Miss Langer. The spellings are tested the following Monday.

During our phonics lessons we use the website PhonicsPlay. Below is a link to the website and some of the games the children can play at home.



In class 2 we are learning to join our handwriting. Weekly handwriting homework is given on a Friday.

Please complete handwriting homework using a pencil. Thank you for your continued support.

Health and Fitness Week

Health and Fitness Week 1
Health and Fitness Week 2
Health and Fitness Week 3
Health and Fitness Week 4
We enjoyed our fitness session with Mr Davidge and Year 6.

Term 5 and 6

              Spelling Results

Congratulations to these pupils who got all their spellings correct in the test.

24/04 - Louis, Oliver, Joachim, Benjamin,  Rebecca and Sion.

08/05 - Louis, Oliver, Rebecca, Benjamin, Mihai and Sion.

This week:

05/06 - Louis, Oliver, Rebecca, James, Mihai, Farai, Joachim, Enrik, Zofia, Kornelia, Alex, Adam, Ala, Ruth and Sion.

Well done! You are spelling super stars!

History - Isambard Kingdom Brunel

We shall be learning about the life of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who was a significant individual in the past linked to our own locality. We will focus on how Brunel constructed the Great Western Railway and his magnificent ship the SS Great Britain.

Below is the link to the BBC primary history webpage.


SS Great Britain


The Brunel Museum


Congratulations to these pupils who got all their spellings correct in the test.

Term 1 Spelling Results

19/09 - Joachim, Oliver and Sion.

26/09 - James, Kieran, Louis, Oliver, Christopher, Joachim, Julia, Victor, Sion and Alex.

3/10 - Louis, Oliver, Joachim, Zofia, Victor, Kornelia, Sion and Rebecca.

10/10 - Kieran, Louis, Oliver, Joachim, Victor, Kornelia, Sion, Mihai, Rebecca, Alex, Ann, Miya, Alicja and Adam.

17/10 - Kieran, Louis, Joachim, Victor, Sion, Rebecca, Alex and Adam.

Term 2 Spelling Results

31/10 - James, Kieran, Louis, Oliver, Joachim, Zofia, Benjamin, Sion, Alex and Adam.

7/11 - James, Kieran, Louis, Oliver, Joachim, Zofia, Victor, Benjamin, Sion, Alex, Miya and Peace.

14/11 - Kieran, Farai, Louis, Oliver, Joachim, Enrik, Zofia, Julia, Victor, Kornelia, Benjamin, Sion, Rebecca, Alex and Ann.

21/11 - Kieran, Farai, Louis, Oliver, Joachim, Enrik, Zofia, Julia, Benjamin, Sion, Una, Mihai, Rebecca and Alex.

28/11 - James, Louis, Joachim, Zofia, Victor, Kornelia, Benjamin and Alex.

05/12 - James, Louis, Oliver and Sion.

12/12 - Kieran, Julia, Sion, Louis and Joachim.

Term 3 Spelling Results

9/01 - Kieran, Louis, Joachim, Zofia, Victor and Sion.

30/01 - Kieran, Farai, Oliver, Julia, Victor, Benjamin, Sion, Mihai, Alex, Ann and Adam.

6/02 - Farai, Oliver, Chris, Joachim, Enrik, Zofia, Julia, Victor, Benjamin, Sion, Mihai, Rebecca, Ann and Toby.

Term 4 Spelling Results

27/2 - Louis, Oliver, Benjamin, Mihai and Alex.

6/03 - Kieran, Louis, Oliver, Zofia, Benjamin and Sion.

13/03 - James, Farai, Louis, Oliver, Joachim, Julia, Benjamin, Rebecca and Sion.

20/03 - James, Kieran, Louis, Oliver, Joachim, Mihai, Alex, Ann, Rebecca and Sion.

27/03 - Louis, Oliver, Joachim, Benjamin, Mihai, Alex and Sion.

03/04 - Kieran, Louis, Oliver, Joachim, Rebecca, Ann, Benjamin, Mihai and Sion.

Well done! You are spelling super stars!

Mother's Day Cards

Mother's Day Cards 1
Mother's Day Cards 2
Mother's Day Cards 3
Mother's Day Cards 4
Mother's Day Cards 5
We made Mother's Day cards to look like a cup of tea. Each card had a tea bag on it so our mums could enjoy a relaxing drink on their special day. We hope all our mums had a tea-riffic day!smiley

Year 2 Term 4 Curriculum Overview


On Tuesday 7th February we celebrated Safer Internet Day. Year 2 have explored e-safety through their writing this week and have written commands and explanations for staying safe online. We read the e-book 'DigiDuck's Big Decision' which can be found using the link below.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Common Exception Spellings Year 1 and 2

Attached are the common exception words the children must learn to spell by the end of year 2.

I have made them into bookmarks for the children to use when editing their writing.

Please help your child/children learn to spell these words. Thank you for your continued support.

Term 3

Epiphany Assembly

Practical Multiplication - Term 3

Practical Multiplication - Term 3 1
Practical Multiplication - Term 3 2
Practical Multiplication - Term 3 3
Practical Multiplication - Term 3 4
Practical Multiplication - Term 3 5
Practical Multiplication - Term 3 6
Practical Multiplication - Term 3 7
Practical Multiplication - Term 3 8
Practical Multiplication - Term 3 9
We used money, cubes and numicon to solve multiplication. We showed each multiplication statement as a repeated addition or an array.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Religious Education topic 'Books'. Father Cosmas talked to us about books used in Church

Our Class Beatitude

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

In class 2 we are thinking about how we can be people who bring peace.

Nativity 2017 'The Bossy King'

The Dean Heritage Centre

The Dean Heritage Centre 1
The Dean Heritage Centre 2
The Dean Heritage Centre 3
The Dean Heritage Centre 4
The Dean Heritage Centre 5
The Dean Heritage Centre 6
The Dean Heritage Centre 7
The Dean Heritage Centre 8
The Dean Heritage Centre 9
The Dean Heritage Centre 10
The Dean Heritage Centre 11
The Dean Heritage Centre 12
The Dean Heritage Centre 13
The Dean Heritage Centre 14
The Dean Heritage Centre 15
We met lots of Julie Donaldson characters at The Dean Heritage museum. First we explored the Gruffalo trail and saw the snake, the owl and the fox. Later we ate our lunch with the witch from 'Room on the Broom' and Mrs Arrowsmith read 'Stick Man'.
When we visited The Dean Heritage museum and explored the Gruffalo trail. We saw lots of Julia Donaldson's characters carved out of wood. When we returned to school, we were inspired by the season of Autumn to make our own Stick Men.

The Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London 1

We had a Fire Safety visit from the Avon Fire and Rescue team. We found out about the different roles the fire and rescue service is responsible for, the rules of escape if there is a fire and the stop, drop and roll technique should our clothes catch fire. We learnt a lot of very important information.

Remember the Fire and Rescue team are happy to visit your home and carry out a fire safety check.

Let us know and we can pass on your details.

Curriculum Planner- Term 1 2016.

Place Value - practical activity

Place Value - practical activity 1
Place Value - practical activity 2
Place Value - practical activity 3
Place Value - practical activity 4
Place Value - practical activity 5
Place Value - practical activity 6
Place Value - practical activity 7
Place Value - practical activity 8
Place Value - practical activity 9
Place Value - practical activity 10
Place Value - practical activity 11
Place Value - practical activity 12
Place Value - practical activity 13

Faith Programme

We thought about the beauty of our world and Sister Caroline helped us to reflect on God's creations. We wrote prayers giving thanks to God for the wonderful things in our world.