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Learning Menu: Week 3

Hello everyone,

Welcome to week three of term five! I hope you are all still working hard, being helpful and enjoying your time in at home.  Again, there is lots to choose from and a big variety of maths, English, art, science and lots more but, as always, you can decide what it is that you want to do and make your own choice from the menu. I will place something different onto class dojo each day that you may want to complete, or you may want to do you things in your own order.


On this page you will find:

⦿  A different base for learning for each day numbered 11 to 15 (if you missed any from the last two weeks you can certainly go back and have a look). Let me know which you enjoy and which you might find trickier. 

⦿  Pages linked maths and reading.  These are just below the pieces and are also numbered 11 to 15 to match. I hope you enjoy the book. 

⦿  Spellings for the week: Week 3 - Words that can be Nouns and Verbs


⦿  A link to a Talk for writing file from Pie Corbett.  There are lots of different ideas in there for writing. 


⦿  A link to The BBC’s daily learning


⦿  A page full of useful art links


⦿ Your French booklet with work from Madame Allenby

If you haven’t yet, sign up to ClassDojo so you can upload to your portfolio.

Book of the Week

Home Learning Bases

Additional Linked Learning and Revision


Spelling for Week 3: 

Fortune Teller Activity

Look Say Cover Write Check
Word Search.
A4 Poster
Year 6 Term 3A Week 3 PowerPoint


Wonder is a fantastic book which we would have been reading had we been in school. It has lots of different issues which we would have discussed over the term.

I’ve included a link to the book Wonder by R J Palacio.  It would be great to either continue to read, if you have it, or listen to the book this week and you can discuss it on ClassDojo this week. I will add some pages and chapters to our learning this week.

Can you come up with your own precept for our current time?

Pie Corbett Writing

Corbett has created a T4W home learning pack for each year group. There are lots of great ideas in here. Have a look through.


Online Safety

Check out the online safety section of our website and also find lots of computing links here


Also, check out the episodes of Play, Like, Share. Play Like Share aims to help 8-10 year olds learn how to stay safe online.

BBC Daily Learning

Available ‘On the Red Button’ and online each day from 9am





Short Film of the Week

In a timeless Parisien street there is a little shoemaker called Mr Botte.  He makes and sells a special kind of shoes and business is good.  However, the little shoemaker's life is about to change... a new shoe seller is in town and he will do anything to gain business.  Mr Botte's business starts to fail.  How will he cope?  Maybe he will get some help from unexpected quarters. 
Some things to try:

  • ​Describe the shoemake and his shop. 
  • Retell the story in a fairytale style
  • Use show don't tell to describe the shoes coming alive but leave your reader wondering what is happening. 
  • Describe the rival shoe maker using specific language to make him sound sly and cunning. 
  • Create some dialogue between the two shoe makers. 
  • Write some dialogue between the shoemaker and his shoes. 
  • Create a new plan to get rid of the shoemaker. 
  • Create persuasive arguments for the little shoe maker's shoes.
  • Explanations or instructions about how to make magic shoes. 


A Message From Madame Allenby

I hope all is well with you and you're keeping safe and sane!
Here's the French work for this week (from the Year 6 French work booklet). Warning - do not print without parent permission! It might be best if you just work with the pages on screen and write down the answers separately. Or just print the pages that you need for this week...
This week's instructions are:
a. Read Page 9 French vocab list and meaning for places in the town + adjectives. Cover and check! Cover over the English word columns. Can you remember what each French word means? How many did you get right?.. 
b. On P10 (How to say 'a' 'some' and 'the' in French). Read the top box, then fill in box A (with 'a' or 'some'), B (with 'the') and C (translate to English)
c. On P11: Complete A: Match the pictures with the places (write the letter). Fill in B: Use P9 to help you or look up new words in an online dictionary (
d. Find the French places in the wordsearch (use P9 if you're stuck). Then use these words to complete box B and C using des/un/une)
All work is of course optional!  
Have a good week!

Madame Allenby


Remember to do what you can and keep yourself busy.  I know there is a lot here, but remember, you don’t have to complete all of it but choose from the menu the things you like.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing everything you get up to this week. 


Mr Davidge

La Petite Cordonnier

Still image for this video