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Growing Together in Faith and Understanding

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Our Lady of the Rosary RC VA Primary School

Growing Together in Faith and Understanding

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St Patrick's Day Assembly

We celebrated Saint Patrick's day with the whole school and shared the story of his life. 
We had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day 2019. We enjoyed dressing up as story book characters and sharing our favourite fiction books with each other. We read 'Aliens love underpants' and enjoyed lots of activities inspired by this book.

Baking bread

Science Dome

Maths - Place Value

Cooking with Mrs Crooks

Term 3 Science

In science this term we are learning about the main animal groups. We discussed the names of common animals in each group and thought of other animals that fit into each group. We used the sorting hoops to place the animal pictures into the correct groups: mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and birds.

Espresso Coding

Nativity 2018 'Born in a Barn'

We enjoyed dancing and singing in this year's nativity with year 2 and reception class. We were angels singing to Mary, shepherds and sheep asleep on the hillside, travellers and donkey on the way to Bethlehem and camels and leaders. Well done Class 1, you were superb!

Designing and Making Puppets

We using a simple sewing stitch to join two pieces of felt together to make a puppet. After we decorated our puppets to look like elves. We gave them felt waistcoats and hats with a bell and a feather on. We used glue to attached the materials.

Baptism with Father Cosmas

We visited Father Cosmas at Our Lady of the Rosary church and he talked to us about baptism. We role-played the baptism of a child and some of us were the child's godparents. Father Cosmas baptised the child pouring holy water on the head saying "I baptise you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

Westonbirt Whole School Faith Day

Maths Term 2 - Subtraction

Week 1 - practically exploring subtraction using apparatus

Unique Voice

Art - drawing toys from the past

We developed our drawing skills by sketching a variety of toys from the 1980s. We used pencils to observe and accurately draw the toys then we experimented with colours using oil pastels.

Science - exploring our sense of touch

National Poetry Day - Our autumn poem actions

Science - to recognise the part of the body linked to smell

Autumn Walk (Science - Observing changes across the seasons)

Our House groups

Our Summer Treasure bags

Our Class Reading Bear

Term 1 Week 1 Maths