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Forest School

At Our Lady of the Rosary we are lucky to have a large outside area, which includes trees, plants, a pond and grassed area allowing children a chance to take part in Forest School on our own site.

Children have Forest School for a term each year and this takes place weekly whatever the weather. This is part of the ‘outdoor and adventurous play’ criteria within the PE Curriculum. The sessions are led by Mrs Bridge, Mrs Stone and Mrs Shaw.

For children to enjoy Forest School fully, it is really important that they wear the appropriate clothing.

When undertaking Forest School children need to wear:

Wellington boots or walking boots

A waterproof coat with a hood/hat

An old pair of trousers.

A long-sleeved t shirt/sweatshirt

A warm hat and gloves or sunhat, depending on the season.

We have waterproof trousers in school for the children to wear, but if your child has their own waterproofs, they may bring these too.


If you have any problem finding these items or have any questions about Forest School in general, please feel free to speak to Mrs Bridge.



Y4 learn how to lash wood in the rain and mud.

Y4 work together to make dens.

Y3 build dens and find mini beasts.

Y4 learn how to whittle and explore Forest School.

Y6 experiment with using fire steels, making dens and photography!

Y3 learn how to light a fire without matches.

Y4 enjoy a campfire and eating “smores”.

Y3 go on a scavenger hunt.

Y4 learn how to light a fire using fire steels.

Y2 look for mini beasts under log piles and elsewhere!

Y4 learn how to light a fire using a fire steel.

Y4 make dens using tarpaulins and rope.

Y2 find hidden “animals” and play trust games.

Y4 make animal dens and whittle brilliantly.

Y2 learn to whittle and make animal dens using sticks and mud.

Y4 go on a Scavenger Hunt.

Y2 make Forest School potions in the rain.

Y6 light a fire and make crumpets and marshmallow ‘smores’.

Y1 build a fire and make marshmallow ‘smores’ To eat.

Y1 make hibernation dens for hedgehogs.

Y6 explore Forest School.

Y1 explore Forest School.

Y4 make ‘smores’ on the fire.

Y1 cook marshmallows on a fire.

Y1 make Autumn pictures.

Y4 enjoy den making,whittling and making clay tree people

Y1 make a hedgehog and a home for it to live in.

Y4 go blackberry picking.

Y1 make ‘blackberry’ paint and create super pictures.

Y4 Clay tree faces and dens.

Y6 Explore Forest School.

Y3 Explore Forest School activities.

Y4 show good resilience in the rain and enjoy the mud!

Y3 find tiny frogs in our pond.

Y3 explore their favourite part of Forest School.

Y4 build amazing dens and examine the growing tadpoles in our school pond.

Y3 show great determination when making dens and looking for tadpoles.

Y3 use different senses to identify trees and plants.

Y4 explore Forest School and make “Blossom Angels”.

Y3 explore the Forest School site and the pond.

Y5 enjoy their final week.

Y5 sort out the pond. They found tadpoles and a newt.

Y5 have fun during Forest School

Y5 build dens and whittle.

Y5 explore with blindfolds!

Y5 go on a scavenger hunt and learn to whittle.

Reception make potions.

Y2 explore all sorts of Forest School Activities.

Reception make bag kites and enjoy the mud!

Y2 make bows an arrows and explore the wildlife .

Reception go on a bear hunt and then on a worm hunt!

Reception go on a colour hunt.

Reception begin Forest School.

Y2 begin Forest School.

Y5 showed great resilience in the rain!

We made trees from twigs and went on a scavenger hunt.

Y4 used lashing and knots to make a frame.

Y5 made fantastic clay people and creatures on the trunks of trees.

Y1 make blackberry pictures.

What do you think this could be?

Making a home for a hedgehog.

Colour matching with Y2

Y2 had great fun making a 'rainbow tree' together and discovered some of the local wildlife.

Y2 went on a walk to collect different colours in nature. Then made pictures from what they had found. Look out for a snake and a Roald Dahl book!

Y5 work on another problem!

Y5 work together to solve problems.

A powerpoint shown to our governors about Forest school at Our Lady of the Rosary.

Y6 make dens and print leaves.

Clay tree people.

Y6 make bows and arrows.

Our tree saplings are growing!

Making a home for an animal by Y6

When will my child take part in Forest Schools?

Year 3 made Mud Tree People.

Year 4 found out how to use string and twigs to make a picture frame.

The upside down world of trees and smell pots.

Year 4 collect materials to make outdoor pictures.

Y3 Make shelters and print leaves.

Y3 go on a Smell Trail!

Year 3 Forest School.


    Year 3 have been exploring the school grounds. They used natural materials to create peces of art. The children explored the world above their heads using 'CD mirrors' and created upside down drawings.

Year 4 Forest school .

So far in Forest school Year 4 have been foraging for blackberries, made pictures from natural objects, been on a tree canopy walk and made some tree canopy sketches.

Den Building

Year 2 Forest School.

Year 2 collected and identified leaves. They examined tree bark and decorated different tree trunks with coloured chalks.

Year 2 building a shelter.

Year 2 worked together to make a shelter. They used tarpaulin, string and sticks to make a shelter that everyone could share.