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Our Lady of the Rosary RC VA Primary School

Growing Together in Faith and Understanding

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Mrs Romero's Science Challenge smiley States of Matter


Hi Everyone!


Here's an experiment you can do to practise your understanding of solids and liquids and their particles.


You need a grown up to help you because you will be melting chocolatecheeky


You will need some milk chocolate, some biscuits, a spoon, a saucepan or bowl and a container which can go in the fridge.


1.  Melt the milk chocolate in a saucepan or in a bowl in the microwave with the help of an adult.


2.  Break up the biscuits into small chunks and mix them with the melted chocolate.


3.  Put the mixture into the container and then into the fridge.


When you are eating your chocolatey, biscuity treat later, use scientific language like particles, solid and liquid to explain to your family how the chocolate turns from solid to liquid to solid and what happens to the particles in it.


When you go out for exercise play the solids, liquids and gases game.  Shout gas and run fast really spread out from each other, liquid is a bit closer and a bit slower but still moving, solid you have to stand still.


Have fun and don't forget that science is all around you!


See you soon!


Mrs Romero wink

NHS appreciation poster

A challenge for you all

Please make an NHS appreciation poster for your window. We had fun creating ours! 
I will share all posters on our class page so the whole class can see. In fact, you could think of a different creative way of showing your appreciation for our amazing NHS e.g. a poem, a model, researching the NHS and creating a fact sheet or a report using PowerPoint, etc. 😊 

Setting up Prodigy maths at home (step by step instructions)

Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words - Spellings

Here is the list of year 3 and 4 common exception words. Please check which spellings you know and continue to learn as part of your weekly home learning. Ask someone in your family to test you and write the spellings in your home exercise book.

You can use the look, cover, write, check method or other spelling strategies we have used in school e.g. pyramid writing, rainbow writing, etc.

I will be adding weekly spellings so keep checking our class page for updates.



 You can access most of these on a computer, phone or tablet.  Some websites will need a parent to sign up for a free account.

Ebooks to read online or download

A parent will need to register.  You can then read over 100 books online for free.  You can search by age or book band (Oxford book band colours are similar to the school colours but with dark blue and dark red instead of black).

Although libraries are closed, you can access eBooks and audiobooks online using your library ticket.  If you're not a member, adults can sign up online.

More than 4,000 stories in 50 different languages.

Classic books for older children (mostly KS2 and above).


Book videos to watch

Listen and read along.

Watch books being read by actors.

Links to authors who are reading their books aloud or offering other activities online.

       Explore the Storytime Online or Big Little Book Corner for videos of books, including lots of fantastic         

       picture books.


While schools are closed, they're offering a range of free audiobooks for children.

Non-fiction websites

Read the latest news articles.

Read articles about places, animals, history and much more.


Reading comprehension and activities

A daily picture with accompanying questions and activities, suitable for KS2.

Reading comprehension games for KS2.

Online texts and activities for KS2.


David Walliam's audio books

The World of David Walliams Audiobooks

The World’s Worst Children 3, By David Walliams, Read by David Walliams, Jon Culshaw, and Others.