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Our Lady of the Rosary RC VA Primary School

Growing Together in Faith and Understanding

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Year 1 Animals, including humans- Our senses. During our first half-term, Year 1 explored the parts of the human body and our senses which we use to understand the world. We took part in a touch test and hearing a range of instruments and objects. We worked out that we use our ears to hear and our skin to feel.

Year 1- Human body and senses

Whole school Science Day with Professor Bubbleworks: We looked at the invention of steam power and how steam can be used to make things move from Ancient Greek time. Then we learnt about how burning different chemicals led to the invention of the combustion engine where the children observed and compared three different chemicals. The workshops ended with a display of the power of electricity where we learnt about ‘Static Electricity’. It was fantastic!

Year 5 separating different insoluble solids from a liquid. We learned the virtue of patience along the way as the water went through the filter paper very slowly! It was fantastic to see everyone applying what they had learned across the unit.

Year 2 investigating how far germs can spread - the children had great fun and were surprised at the results!

Year 1 Investigating waterproof and non-waterproof materials.

Year 1- Identifying, naming and classifying materials using different objects.

Year 4 investigating the digestive system using chalk and junk modelling

Year 4 visit Lawrence Weston Moore

Whole school Environment Day!

Our Lady of the Rosary had a whole school Environment Day. The children had the chance to participate in a variety of environment-related workshops through a carousel system, led by the companies Viridor and Mad Science. These workshops included ‘Energy Zone’, ‘Plastics’, ‘Renewables’, ‘Climate Zone’ and ‘Viridor’, all in which the pupils enjoyed many activities, demonstrations, discussions and investigations of models based around different topics. This enabled some in-depth learning of things like the impact of high Carbon Dioxide levels on our Earth (where we got to taste CO2!); Non-renewable and renewable energy sources; Recycling and decomposition of materials; The problem around the disposal of plastics and this effect on ecosystems. It was fantastic!

Year 1 are learning about the main animal groups. They have been working scientifically by discussing the names of common animals in each group and thinking of other animals that fit into each group. They used the sorting hoops to place the animal pictures into the correct groups: mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, fish and birds.

Eggshells experiment for tooth decay. Year 4 have been learning about the importance of keeping teeth healthy. They worked scientifically by discussing how they will make it a fair test (measure liquid, keep eggs in same place for a week, etc).

Materials and properties- Irreversible reactions experiment. Year 5 have been learning how to work scientifically and finding out what product is created when mixing the reactants- milk and vinegar.

Year 1 have been learning about different parts of their body and the 5 senses.

Year 1 - Exploring natural and man-made materials around our school.

Year 1 have been investigating waterproof and non-waterproof materials.

Year 2 germs experiment- Finding out how far germs can spread.

Year 2 have been learning about how parts of their body will grow as they get older. They measured different parts of their body.