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Our Lady of the Rosary RC VA Primary School

Growing Together in Faith and Understanding

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Welcome to year 1 with Mrs Allal.




These are handed out on a Friday for a test on the following week. Please help you child learn and understand and use their weekly spelling.

Next spelling test is on 10.03.17


Each child has a phonic book to practise their Phase 3, 4 or 5 words.  Please practise sounds in sounds book and High Frequency Words.

Phonics Play /PicnicOnPluto.html to support your child for his/her Phonics Screening Check test.




Please listen to your child read daily, record in the reading books and sign it.



Every Wednesday maths homework is set.  This maybe a worksheet or mymaths (

MyMaths: Each pupil has any individual log in and they will find the homework task set on Wednesday. There are lots of interesting and exciting activities and games to explore too.




Spelling results:

Congratulations to these pupils who got all their spellings correct in the test.

29.09.16- Bradley, Imogen, Dylan, Nevaeh, Taya-Fae, Albert, Chris, Lenah, Sean.

06.10.16- Bradley, Imogen, Jenson, Maja, Nevaeh, Casey, Taya-Fae, Chris, Evelyn, Lenah.

04.11.16- Bradley, Imogen, Jenson, Maja, Alicja, Amy, Benjamin, Casey, Dylan, Kacper, Taya-Fae, Chris ,Erin, Evelyn,Grace FP, Isla, Sean.

11.11.16- Bradley, Imogen, Grace L, Jenson, Amy, Benjamin, Casey, Dylan, Chris ,Erin, Evelyn, Lenah, Isla, Sean.

18.11.16- Imogen, Jenson, Grace L, Amy, Benjamin, Dylan, Kacper, Taya-Fae, Chris ,Erin, Evelyn,Grace FP, Isla, Lenah, Feliks.

25.11.16- Bradley, Grace L, Taya-Fae, Chris ,Erin, Evelyn.

02.12.16- Bradley, Casey, Erin, Evelyn.

09.12.16- Bradley, Imogen, Grace L, Jenson, Benjamin, Casey, Dylan, Taya-Fae, Chris ,Erin, Evelyn, Lenah, Grace FP, Feliks.

05.01.17- Grace L, Benjamin, Dylan, Chris, Lenah.

12.01.17- Bradley, Grace L, Benjamin, Dylan, Taya-Fae, Chris, Erin, Evelyn, Lenah.

19.01.17- Benjamin, Casey, Dylan, Jenson, Taya-Fae, Chris, Erin, Lenah.

2.2.2017- Bradley, Grace L, Imogen, Jenson, Amy, Casey, Chris, Taya-Fae, Erin, Grace FP, Lenah.

3.3.2017- Chris, Taya-Fae, Casey, Lenah, Benjamin. 

10.3.17- Olliver, Chris, Casey, Taya-Fae, Lenah, Grace F.

17.3.17: Jenson, Benjamin, Dylan, Lenah, Erin and Chris.

24.3.17: Jenson, Taya-Fae, Dylan, Maja B, Chris, Amy, Evelyn, Isla, Sean, Imogen.

5.5. 17: Jenson, Taya-Fae, Dylan, Bradley, Chris, Amy, Evelyn, Isla, Patryk, Imogen.

This week:

12.5.17 - Jenson, Taya-Fae, Dylan, Bradley, Chris, Amy, Isla, Benjamin, Isla, Maja, Casey, Lenah, Alicja.


Well done! 


Term 6- Year 1 Parents Curriculum Letter.

Year 1 Phonic Screening:

The Year 1 pupils will complete their phonic screening on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th. Please help them to read as much as possible and use to practise real and non-sense words. 


Pentecost Mass:

On Wednesday 7th June, we performed a wonderful Pentecost Mass at our Church to celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. We worked very hard to learn songs, read prayers and practise our dance. Thank you Mrs Cepek for your hard work!

Take a look at our pictures below.


Term 5

We learnt about Brunel's life and then focused in on his amazing bridge at Clifton. This led us to look at the structure of bridges in more detail. In Design Technology we designed our own bridge on paper and then had a go at making the bridges from junk materials. We had to work together, helping each other to cut, hold and stick to create the structures. Have a look at the pictures below!

Term 4- Saint Patrick's Day Assembly.

World Book Day celebrations 2017.

Year 1 Common Exception Words.

Year 1 Term 4 Curriculum Overview

Maths practical activity- We have used numicon and cubes to double and halve numbers.

Our Bristol Zoo Trip- Polar Workshop 31 January 2017.

We have made Igloos with paper plates and marshmallows. It was fun!