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Admissions Policy 2018 - 2019 Final



Please click the link below, to download the admissions policy for 2016/17

Supplementary Information Form Reception Class 2018

Online applications preferred on

A paper copy of the application form will be available from the school office.


The Additional Information Form can be downloaded below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reception Class

The FAQs are for guidance only, and to assist Parents/Carers in understanding the Admissions Process. It must be clearly understood that the Process is determined by the Admissions Policy shown above.   We hope that Parents/Carers find these FAQs helpful, and if you have any further questions or require clarification then please contact the School Office direct.


Q.1      Will my Application be rejected if I do not complete the Additional Information Form?

A.1      No.  You are ‘requested’ to complete the form, but we have no right to make it mandatory, i.e. we cannot ‘demand’ that you complete it. However, as a faith school we prioritise the allocation of places based on the criteria set out in the Admissions Policy;  for example baptised Catholic children living in the Parishes of Our Lady of the Rosary, St Antony’s or Sacred Heart.  Therefore, if you do not fill in the Additional Information Form and return it directly to the school (not the Local Authority), then the Admissions Panel may place your application in a lower priority category than would otherwise be the case.   Accordingly, we recommend that the Additional Information Form is completed in all cases.


Q.2      How do I obtain an Additional Information Form?

A.2      This can be downloaded from the school website or a hard copy can be obtained from the school – it is not available from the Local Authority.


Q.3      If I apply to join the school and believe that I am in a priority category, do I need to apply for any other schools in the form submitted to the Local Authority?

A.3      The school cannot guarantee that all priority applications will receive a place and we recommend that all applicants also apply to other schools of their choice.   We are not informed of these selections by the Local Authority, so it will not affect your application to our school.


Q.4      Are the allocation of places shared equally between the Parishes of Our Lady of the Rosary, St Antony’s and Sacred Heart, i.e. does each parish receive one third of the places available?

A.4      The three parishes are treated effectively as one area, as the school serves all three.  However, in the event that we receive more applications than the number of places available, then places will be allocated on a percentage basis as follows: 33.3% (10 places) to Our Lady of the Rosary, 33.3% (10 places) to St Antony’s and 33.3% (10 places) to Sacred Heart.


Q.5      How is a tie-break decided if there are more applications made than places available in any one category?

A.5      This will be determined by distance between home and school.  The distance information is provided to us by the Local Authority and is therefore impartial to the decision making process.  There are alternative methods for deciding a tie-break, but we believe that ‘distance’ is an open and transparent method and is considered to be a fair method.


Information on the Appeals Process

If an application for a place at the school is unsuccessful, there is a right of appeal. However, the Governing Body would point out that Infant Class Legislation states the maximum number of pupils in a Reception Class should not exceed 30. Since the introduction of the legislation in 2000 no appeals for this school have been successful.


Applications for 2014/2015

85 applications received

30 places offered.- under 4.2, 18 places, and under 4.3, 12 places

1appeal lodged and heard – no appeals were successful

Applications for 2015/2016

114 applications received

30 places offered.- under 4.2, 13 places, and under 4.3, 17 places

1appeal lodged and heard – no appeals were successful